-marketplace is a marketplace that connects sellers and buyers of materials. The platform mainly functions as a marketplace for biobased side and waste streams. The main target groups are companies in agriculture, forestry and the food industry producing biobased side and waste streams, as well as industry and the public sector that use these raw materials.

The aim of the service is to create new types of business and income opportunities for farms as easily as possible. Training and information materials are also being developed for the platform to support and increase understanding of the circular economy. Developing regional nutrient and material cycles and, thus promoting the circular economy is also one of the objectives of the marketplace.

Examples of side streams:

  • manure, sludge 
  • contaminated / excess feed 
  • grass biomass
  • berry seeds and skins 
  • logging residues 
  • bark, sawdust 
  • wetland vegetation 

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the marketplace?

  1. You can browse sale and buy listings without registering on the marketplace.
  2. Detailed listing information will be visible and feedback will be possible once you are registered on the marketplace.
  3. To start placing your own sales or purchase listings, you must confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the confirmation email sent to the email address you provided in the registration form. A valid electronic identification is not required to use the service.

How long is my listing valid for?

You can choose the period of validity. Alternatively you can set the listing to be continuous.

Do I have to pay to use the site?

The site is free to use for all users.

How do I pay for my purchases?

There is currently no payment function. Payment details are agreed between the seller and the buyer.

Do the seller and buyer have to be registered with the service?

Yes, to see the details of the listings and the contact details of the other party.

What if my purchase is not delivered? is a marketplace and not responsible for the materials, completion of transactions, payments or related deliveries. See the terms of service for more information.

I can’t find the right product category?

You can try using a word search when you buy and “Other products (non-biomass)”.

Can other users see my personal data?

Only the information filled in for listings will be visible to other users.

Do I need to register as a buyer or seller?

All users can choose whether they want to place an offer to sell or a request to buy when filling in a listing.

What browsers can I use on

The website works with up-to-date versions of Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

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